Friday, February 9, 2007

simile story

“Get that thing away from me!” the girl yelled. As her brother throw a spider as big as a bat on her bed. She screamed, and cowered in a corner of her room like a puppy being scowled at for doing something wrong. As the hug spider made its way towards the frightened girl. She started to cry like a baby for help. The brother was laughing like a hyena at his sister’s fear of the huge spider .the spider crawled at the girl like a lion stoking its pry. Her eyes started to get as wide as the sun. the thought she was going to heave a heat attack when the one of the spiders legs touched her hand. The leg was as prickly as a pig. And it moved across her hand as slow as a sloth. Making its way up her arm. goose bumps slithered down her spin like a snake. She was to freighted to scream any more it was like some one had super glued her moth shut but you could still see her fear in her eyes. Just then out of no were here cat as fast as a cheetah pounced on the huge spider and killed with one swipe of its tiger like paws. Then it shoot out of the room as fast as lighting. Just then the brother stopped his laughter. Noticing his sisters eyes were as filled with rage as fire. He shoot out the room as fast as lightning. Knowing well that his sister would stalk him down like a hawk after a mouse. And just as he predicted she ran after him like a bet out of hell she wasn’t going to give up with out a fight. Just then her cat pooped up from were she was hiding and tripped her and her brother down the stairs they both went tumbling down like bowling balls. When they got to the bottom the sister grabbed her brothers hair and made him cry like a baby. “How do you like it you creep?” she yelled . just then there mother came running in to the room with a rage of fire in her eyes they both knew they were in big trouble. So the raced off into there bed rooms as fast as a rabbit and hid under there blankets like a roach hiding from the light.


Felisha said...

i lke you story how the spider and the sister getting all scared i like the idea of it. it really good that would be even funner if it was real but scarry for that person. nice story i liked it.

C.J. said...

I used that same simile "She cried like a baby in mine,good story I liked it when that girl freaked out at the spider.

Hyperactive Writer said...

Poor girl...I feel bad for her getting scared like that...yup...*Nods nods* Oh um Guess who I am!